ICA What We Do - Programs for Children & Youth

What We Do - Programs for Children & Youth

Learner-centered, research-based instruction in the visual arts, music, dance, drama, ceramics, digital photography and animation, Inner-City Arts supports academic growth and personal achievement for elementary, middle and high school students especially those most at risk of academic failure—children with Limited English Proficiency living in high-poverty areas.

All Inner-City Arts programs, taught by professional teaching artists, are designed to strengthen language development, develop critical thinking skills, promote literacy and improve learning outcomes overall. Most importantly, children and youth who participate in Inner-City Arts programs see themselves as capable of setting and reaching goals.

Working individually, in pairs or small groups, students develop community-building skills including cooperation and patience, and gain verbal skills and confidence, as well as the capacity to trust their own creative instincts.

Elementary and middle school students come to the Inner-City Arts campus during the school day for in-depth instruction in the visual and performing arts.

In collaboration with our community partners, Inner-City Arts provides after-school programs in the visual and performing arts for elementary and middle school students.

Specialized, in-depth weekend programs at Inner-City Arts include our year-long Performing Arts and Visual & Media Arts Institutes for middle and high school students, and an intensive two-semester animation workshop for high school students offered in partnership with CalArts' Community Arts Partnership (CAP).

For more information about our programs for children and youth, please contact the Programs Department at (213) 627-9621.

ICA What We Do - Programs for Children & Youth

No Mistakes

"Our students are encouraged to explore and take risks. They learn to work with their strengths and limitations, and that mistakes are part of the creative process, merely road signs along a path of lifetime learning."