ICA What We Do - Programs for Educators

What We Do - Programs for Educators

The Inner-City Arts - Annenberg Professional Development Program

Recognizing the urgent need for students to be engaged in their education and to find relevancy in their classroom experiences, the Inner-City Arts - Annenberg Professional Development Program provides training in the arts for classroom teachers, school administrators, teaching artists and community partners.

Acknowledging the vital link between student achievement and professional development of educators, the Program provides participants with tools and strategies to create exciting, supportive, learner-centered classrooms that empower both students and educators in being active facilitators of education reform.

Through single-session workshops, LAUSD-approved courses eligible for salary-point credits, University-accredited courses and drop-in classes, participants gain new methods and tools for creating effective learning environments as they are supported in returning to the creativity, intuition, love of learning and love of children that brought them to teaching.

Educators, administrators and other partners who work to bring quality educational opportunities to students, particularly those in high-poverty schools, learn how to build bridges between the arts and academic subjects, and how to engage students in their own learning, enhancing each student's ability to achieve academic and personal success.

The opportunity to share best practices and learn from the experiences of other teachers is integral to every teacher-training program, including on-going training for Inner-City Arts staff and partners.

Recent studies confirm that children who have studied at Inner-City Arts, and whose teachers have participated in at least ten hours of training at Inner-City Arts, show marked improvement on standardized tests and have better academic outcomes over all.

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Taking Teaching To A Whole New Level

All teachers are eligible to participate in professional development programs at Inner-City Arts, whether or not their students receive instruction here.

"I've done things and created things I never thought in a million years to do - I discovered things about myself and my capabilities that I didn't know I had the potential for. It has taken my teaching to a whole new level and I've seen kids come alive in a whole new way. It has reignited the fire and passion I had when I first began teaching. I've already seen the effects on me [staying in the teaching field] and they're amazing."